Signs of Failing Shock Absorbers

Top 6 Alarming Signs of Failing Shock Absorbers

June, 05 2023

Shock absorbers are another important component of a car. There are four shock absorbers fitted in each wheel, responsible for holding the car’s tires in contact with the road surface. They provide stability to your car to make your drive free of worries. Like every other component, they will also wear out if you don’t take care of them and have your car serviced when it is required.

The car shows some alarming signs which means there is a problem in your vehicle. Certain signs show certain components malfunctioning and you cannot easily detect the problem unless you are an expert. For this reason, our professional mechanics are always available to help you out. Whenever you face any problem with your car, then take it to auto repair Perth for its maintenance and inspection. Our professionals provide car maintenance, repair, and replacement around the clock.

Common Signs of Shock Absorbers Failure

Like other components of the car, shock absorbers can start wearing down with time. But, you can easily escape from expenses by acquiring car shock absorbers repair services timely. Some of the most common alarming signs that indicate your car’s shock absorbers failure are below.

Nose Dive When Braking

One of the prominent signs of shock absorber failure is the diving of the front side of your car towards the road when you apply brakes. This happens due to the malfunctioning of shock absorbers. It makes you unable to stop your car on time as it increases the car stopping distance up to 20 feet if you are driving 70 miles per hour. You should not take this for granted as it can get you in big trouble. Don’t risk your life and visit us for reliable auto repair services.

Bouncy Ride

Shock absorbers, as the name itself says, are responsible for absorbing the shocks during driving on a rough road. When you start feeling excessive bouncing, you know it is due to the bad shock absorbers. If you neglect this sign and continue driving the car with a broken shock absorber, it will result in excessive rolling and diving. Due to this, controlling your car becomes difficult for you. Thus, visit our suspension repair in Perth and say goodbye to bumpy rides.

Vibration in Steering Wheel

One of the most noticeable signs that your car shows whenever there is a problem with shock absorbers is the vibration in the steering wheel. It’s normal when you feel it on bouncy roads but if you feel the same on smooth roads, it means that your shock absorbers are broken. You need to hire our qualified and experienced technicians that can easily pinpoint the real problem and fix it instantly. Otherwise, you can meet a severe accident with this damaged shock absorber.

Unusual Noise

If you notice unusual and strange noises coming out of your vehicle, it indicates that your shocks or struts need repair or replacement. It mostly happens due to metal-to-metal contact when the car dips towards the ground surface during a bump. You should visit Perthautorepair for your car services. Our well-trained and professional mechanics can fix every car problem. Thus, we are always available to fix the shock absorbers of your car without any problems.

High Speed Instability

The worn out shock absorbers will not only make the car unstable and vibrate on bumpy roads but it will also make it unstable at high speeds. The purpose of shock absorbers is to make your car stable on the road as it acts as friction between the vehicle and the driving surface. Thus, whenever you feel like you are losing control of your car at high speed, get your car serviced as soon as possible. Driving a car with worn out struts can also impact the various other components of the vehicle. Adding more, it can also risk your and others' life on the road.

Fluid Leakage

Hydraulic fluid leakage is the major sign of any problem within the vehicle. If it is leaking from your shocks or struts, it indicates that your shock absorbers are leading to failure. It must be repaired immediately. For that purpose, you need to hire professional auto repair Perth. Avoid driving your car with a broken shock absorber as it can cost you your life.

Proper maintenance of the car is essential for the safety of you and the people sitting in your car. A well-maintained car can save you from many big troubles like accidents, and facing problems in the middle of the road. Moreover, if your car is giving you signs of any component failure like a shock absorber, you must contact Perthautorepair to get your car repaired. Instead, you have to spend more on the maintenance and inspection of car shock absorbers. Plus, driving a car with a broken shock absorber makes you unable to control your car. That’s why, if you are experiencing any of its failure signs, you must visit our auto repair shop. We help you get your car in control again.