Privacy Policy

Perthutorepair is one of the most trusted Auto repair sites in Australia that provides professional car maintenance services at economical rates. It is committed to facilitating the best client service experience. Moreover, it demands some privacy policies that one must keep in mind. The main purpose is to set out some principles regarding individual privacy.

Collection of personal information

There are different sections of our website that a visitor can view without entering his private details. However, in order to get access to inquiries and bookings features, it demands submitting confidential data. It consists of but is not restricted to; Vehicles, Telephone, suburbs, E-mail, and full name identifiable details only. 

Sharing of your confidential details

We may enlist some organizations to provide auto repair services on our behalf. There would be a transfer of only that information required to deliver customer service only. Perthautorepair ensures the complete protection of your personal details while sharing. 

Use of your personal data

We collect non-personally identifiable data for each client visiting our website. It includes but is not bound to the operating system, language and version, and page access time only. The foremost reason to compile this information is to check on-site traffic.

Variations to this privacy policy

Perthautorepair has the right to make any kind of amendment to these policies at any time. There should not be any objection as it would be about customers’ privacy also.

Accessing your private information

In accordance with the law allowance, you are not able to get your personal data. Let us know in case you want to do so. Further, we can charge for providing access or searching for your confidential data on each request basis. 

Restricted from third-parties

Whatever data you submit on our website, it is safe from third-party companies. We prohibit unauthorized access to your private sensitive details.