Signs Of A Malfunctioning Clutch

Spotlight The Major Signs Of A Malfunctioning Clutch

August, 03 2023

The lifespan of the clutch differs based on your vehicle's model. It fluctuates between 30,000 to 105,000 miles. However, a malfunctioned clutch causes problems in all models of cars. It is because the clutch plays a crucial role in successfully running the car. It is responsible for starting, stopping, and changing the gear of your car. Such excessive use of this component increases its chances of wearing out to a great extent.

At Perthautorepair, we know the significance of the clutch as it connects your car engine to the transmission. Thus, our team is dedicated to repairing your clutch issues as soon as possible to ensure your smooth drive without any inconvenience. This article explores the major signs of a malfunctioning clutch and also suggests ways to overcome them instantly. If you ever feel a problem changing or engaging your car gears or any sign explained below, you should make an appointment with us.

Top Symptoms of a Worn-Out Clutch

The best thing about vehicles is that they start giving warning signs as soon as there is any problem in their components whether it is clutch, brake, transmission, or any other component. You can easily save yourself from mishaps and trouble during your journey. The most significant thing is to stay aware of the alerting signs of your car’s components. This article is primarily concentrated on clutch symptoms. Go through this article and find the top leading signs of a malfunctioned clutch.

Spongy Clutch Pedal

One of the most prominent signs of a worn-out clutch is a soft and spongy clutch pedal. The malfunctioned clutch becomes so soft that it almost lays down on the floor when you press it. This may be due to clutch fluid leakage or air in the structure. Moreover, if you are experiencing the same problem these days, it’s a major indication that you should go for transmission assistance.

Trouble Shifting

The clutch is created in a way that makes it easier for you to change the gears without any nuisance. Whenever you feel difficulty in changing the gears, it means that the clutch has started to wear out. It mostly happens when shifting in the first gear or moving your vehicle in reverse. You should rush to the expert car clutch repair specialist to ensure the clutch is functioning at optimum efficiency.

Burning Smell

The burning smell from your car is a major indication of a clutch failure. It happens due to overheating of your car clutch and is a starting sign of the clutch plate malfunctioning. The clutch disc is made up of a friction plate that helps in changing the gears. In case the clutch disc is faulty, the friction coating will be removed from it and result in the contraction of metal against metal which produces a distinct burning smell. Get it repaired immediately.

Grinding Noise

If any element of your car clutch is worn out, it results in the production of different noises. It is because the loose parts keep on striking other elements of the clutch. Thus, if you hear any grinding sound while shifting gears, it means it’s time to run to our car clutch repair mechanics. It’s better to fix the issue on time rather than face inconvenience in the middle of the road.

Needing Higher RPMs

People who drive a car daily know every detail of their car very well. In case of any slight change in the vehicle, they will notice it instantly. In the case of RPMs, they are also aware of the required amount. A faulty clutch starts slipping which results in more use of RPMs to get to their normal speed. This problem is always accompanied by a grinding noise and a burning smell.


Overheating is never considered a good sign for vehicles. Like engine overheating, the overheating of the clutch also results in wearing out the clutch completely. That’s why it’s pivotal to inspect the pressure plate so that it does not wear out other components as well. Hence, are you looking for skilled mechanics near me? Quit your search and visit us to prevent your car’s clutch from overheating.

Vibration in the Transmission System

Another crucial sign of clutch malfunctioning is vibration in the transmission system. Its major sign is uneven or loose pressure plate results in vibration in the clutch system. Whenever you notice this sign, bring your car to our mechanic shop. Our highly trained mechanics would ensure the proper functioning of each component of your car.

Malfunctioning of any component of a vehicle is natural. Feel lucky if the components warn you before getting completely broken and leaving you stranded in the middle of your journey. Thus, it’s essential to make an appointment as soon as you find problems in your car. An early inspection can save you from pricey damages and accidents Moreover, you don’t have to wait for working hours to visit us. We are available 24/7.